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Artists Statement

Portrait: Centrepieces 20th Anniversary Exhibition

Dawn Tomlin has a conceptual approach to her art and she sees herself as “an observer and recorder” of modern life. 

Her innovative artworks directly respond to her surrounding environment and the people who reside within it.

She approaches a wide range of subjects using her everyday experiences, the experiences of others, and her inner beliefs and interests as a starting point. Her works often challenge and tell a story, they encourage the viewer to examine themes that are often taboo such as domestic violence, abuse and mental health.

Dawn works with a variety of media and techniques. Her preferred techniques are photography and cross-app design, mixed media, paper-mache, creative reuse and ink drawings.



Dawn Tomlin is an award-winning artist. She was born in Sidcup in 1969 and grew up in Welling, both of which are in the London Borough of Bexley.

Her early careers include, sport recreation assistant for the local sports centre, foster carer and primary teacher, where she became a specialist in Early Years Teaching.

Dawn then went on to become the assistant co-ordinator and art tutor for Centrepieces Mental Health Arts Project, which became a charity in 2015. The aim of Centrepieces is to help adults with mental health illnesses improve their confidence, well-being and self-esteem through the participation of art and craft activities and in exhibiting their work. Centrepieces also builds a social community and promotes a better understanding of mental health to the wider public.

Centrepieces Mental Health Project



In 2016 Dawn moved to Lowestoft which is the most easterly 

settlement of the United Kingdom.                                   

Dawn is now working on artworks for three Future exhibitions. The first looks at mental health and is called, ‘Heaven and  Mental HELLth,’ the second is on the theme of domestic violence and is called, ‘Resurrection,’ and the third is a photography exhibition which records the times past in postcard form and the present in the form of Dawn’s own photographs, of both Lowestoft and Hall Place and Gardens in Bexley. This exhibition is called, ‘Transformations.’

She is  also currently studying on a Photography course with the Open College of the Arts.

Open College Of The Arts

Live, learn, create

“Whatever your goal, whatever your circumstances, achieve with flexible distance-learning arts degrees and foundation courses from the Open College of the Arts.”


Dawn has previously studied on a drawing and a painting course with the OCA. During these courses she learnt new skills but most importantly she was encourage to experiment within the courses and to find her own voice. It was this encouragement and support that inspired Dawn to want to pursue art and photography as a professional artist.


Dawn has recently enrolled on the OCAs Foundation in Photography course.

Dawn is studying on the Foundation Photography course so that she can improve her technical abilities, learn to shoot in raw and manage her workflow rather than let it manage her.

The Open College Of The Arts