Lift Loud For Danny

Daniel Willgoss at the age of 25, lost his battle with mental health. His mother, Sue Willgoss, launched the #LiftLoudForDanny fund to raise awareness of mental health and to provide support, advice and information for those that need it.

Waveney Domestic Violence & Abuse Forum

Centrepieces Mental Health Arts Project

MIND Mental Health Charity

National Autistic Society


Panasonic GH5

Ricoh Theta 360


Rachel Whiteread

“Seeing a great piece of art can take you from one place to another - it can enhance daily life, reflect our times and, in that sense, change the way you think and are.” Rachel Whiteread

Whiteread’s sculpture work has greatly influenced how I have approached creating works that are  three-dimensional. She takes everyday settings, objects and surfaces and casts replicas that transforms the way that we see them.

Anselm Kiefer

It is Kiefer’s works in exhibition that I will never forget. He has inspired me greatly by his impressive thought provoking paintings, sculptures and installations.

Gilbert and George

I will always remember the day when I first stumbled on Gilbert and George’s Work in the Tate Modern.

Their work influences me and inspires me to document life as it is, with no hidden veils of protection for the viewer. Not because I want to create shock art or to jump on a band wagon with artists who create such work, but because I want my artworks to be honest. The themes that I cover, such as domestic violence and mental health, I have lived through and lived with  -  I want to portray them with a raw honesty and create them with my feelings running through the mediums.

“We want our Art to: bring out the Bigot from inside the Liberal and conversely to bring out the Liberal  from inside the Bigot.” Gilbert & George, 2014

Maurizio Galimberti

An absolute inspiration when it comes to poloroid artworks. I would rank his photography as my all time favourite for technique, composition, and themes.

I have collected his books for a while now and often spend hours just browsing through them for visual stimulation.

Andy Warhol

I especially love Warhol‘s poloroids.It was his poloroid artwork of a bridge that introduced me to the possibilities of photography from a very early age.

I recommend the following book for a visual feast.

* Andy Warhol Poloroids 1958-1987, Taschen 2015.


Tate - UK

Royal Academy of Arts - London

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Arts - Newcastle

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts - Norwich